Building a Multiswap


Users can view lists of available assets and pool tokens on the Trade page, along with important information such as the current price and token reserves. In addition, users can search for tokens using their respective ticker symbols, making it easy to find desired tokens.

To trade, users can click "Buy" or "Sell," and the asset will be added to the Quote panel.

Quote Panel

The Quote panel is a familiar "shopping cart" panel on the right-hand side of the screen, displaying all the selected tokens for buying or selling. It allows users to manage multiple tokens in one place with ease.

Once the selection is made, users can confirm the transaction with a single click, streamlining the multi-tokens trading process and making it faster and more efficient. With Multiswap, users can quickly execute novel trading mechanisms with a familiar interface.

Note: when selling, users need to input the number of tokens they want to sell, while when buying, users need to input the allocation in percentage.

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