Providing Liquidity

Providing liquidity on Multiswap

LP tokens on Multiswap represent a liquidity provider's share of the pool, similar to other decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The key feature that sets Multiswaps LP tokens apart is the ability to trade LP tokens with any asset.

Providing Liquidity with a Single Asset

One of Multiswap's innovative features is giving users the opportunity to provide/remove liquidity with just a single token, instead of requiring pool assets to be provided/removed in their exact weights. One downside of providing/removing liquidity in non-exact weights is that it will lead to price slippage, as the reserves of all tokens are not being scaled equally.

Trade any number of tokens for the pool token, or vice versa. ⬇️

Providing Liquidity in Exact Weights:

Providing liquidity the classic way is made simple on Multiswap. Simply acquire the required tokens in their weights, and place the LP token into the quote panel.

You will then be prompted to either "Remove Liquidity" or "Add Liquidity" depending on if the LP token has been placed as a pay or receive token. Selecting one of these choices will construct a Multiswap using the exact weights, ensuring that you suffer no price slippage.

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