Novel Fee Structures

A Paradigm Shift in AMM Fee Structures
Multiswap's innovative unified liquidity pool, capable of hosting unlimited tokens, sets the stage for a paradigm shift in AMM fee structures. Unlike other AMMs that set fees based on the pool and typically support only two tokens per pool, Multiswap's model allows each asset within the unified pool to have its own fees. This groundbreaking approach simplifies profitability assessment for LPs and provides additional opportunities to maximize their profits.
The token-based fee structure is made possible by Multiswap's unique unified liquidity pool, which concentrates all liquidity for a token in a single place. This not only results in better price execution and lower slippage for traders but also allows for a more flexible and efficient fee system. By setting the optimal slippage, LPs can profit from liquidity provisions without needing a separate fee structure, making the most of Multiswap's innovative unified liquidity pool and ensuring a sustainable and lucrative environment for liquidity providers.